• a handful of watermelon - about 1 cup
  • 1 mango skinned and cubed
  • 1 tsp honey
  • about 1/4 cup water

hope you all had an excellent mother’s day! we accomplished a lot and even got to make ice pops:-) that’s the kids up there, enjoying ice pops first thing in the morning, the silly faces say it all.

my kids love ice pops (so do i). we basically live off them in the summer. how can you not, they are refreshing and cool you down. we always have them in the house. always…whenever we are at the store j runs right over to the freezer and inspects. sometimes he goes for strawberry shortcake pops but most of the time it is fruit flavored.

even more then buying them, my kids love to make them. they are fascinated with blending things. sometimes it’s grapes but most of the time it’s watermelon. this time around we had fresh mango’s. so sweet and added great flavor. they were a huge hit!

we bought our ice pops right off of amazon (see here). they have hundreds to choose from, rocket ships to mickey mouse. now a days they even have push up silicone ones (i am ordering those next). and lookie here, these are zoku ice pop makers. they speed up the whole process. love these, one of these days, until now, ice pops the old fashion way, in the freezer over night (and then we enjoy them after breakfast the next morning).

watermelon-mango ice pops

what you need: ice pop molds and a blender

  1. even though watermelon is full of water i still added some. it just loosened up the mixture a bit and gave it the right consistency it needed to resemble “store bought” ice pops.
  2. add all of the above to a blender and blend. pour into ice pop molds (ours are space ships) and freeze over night.

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