• 1 head of garlic
  • 3 beets
  • 1 tbl butter or olive oil
  • 1 potato
  • 1 leek
  • 1/4 cup white wine
  • 3 cups of veggie broth
  • 2 sprigs of thyme
  • handful of parsley

roasted beets.  honestly, can it get any better then that?

i guess if you don’t like beets you’re sticking out your tongue about now and making some awful noises. but if you’re not, you’re jumping up and down at the thought of another beet recipe.

there is nothing better (to me anyway) then roasted vegetables. roasted garlic and beets are one of my top 5′s (well hey, there’s another list to compile!). when you roast beets they, although sweet already, almost turn into a candy. there soft and pick up wonderful flavors of anything around it. you can roast beets with vinegar or even lime juice (um yum, future recipe i think). and then there is garlic. have you ever roasted garlic. are there words to describe the taste of a roasted garlic clove? (mmmmm) heaven!

i’ve made tons of beet recipes and i loved everyone of them (see here and here, oh and here, wait, this is my favorite). because i am the only one in my house who loves the idea of beets, i usually have to hide them in whatever i am cooking. although i am a huge fan, many of my family are not. when i make beet salads i’m mostly the only one who ever eats it, when i make borscht, my husband turns his nose up to it, but my kids on the other hand, my little foodies, well they try everything.

if you are a fan of beets, try this recipe. i bet if you don’t tell anyone what’s in it (come on, you’ve done that before right?), you are sure to make some beet fans out of your family too.

golden roasted beet and garlic soup

to prep: preheat your oven to 350 degrees and prepare your beets and garlic. peel your beets and chop off the ends, cut into smallish chunks, sprinkle with a tsp of olive oil. wrap them in tinfoil. take the whole head of garlic, skin and all and wrap them in tinfoil. roast the beets for an hour and then garlic for 30 minutes. when done put to the side to cool off. take garlic out of skin. 

  1. cut and saute you leeks in either olive oil or butter for about 2 minutes, just until they start to wilt.
  2. meanwhile, peel your potato and cut into small cubes. add to pot and continue sauteing for another minute.
  3. add wine and simmer until it just about evaporates.
  4. to pot add stock, beets, garlic, thyme and parsley. mix, and let it simmer for about 20 minutes or until potato is soft.
  5. take out your hand blender or a regular old blender and blend.

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