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see my (new) logo on top. see how it says mom. cause that’s what i am, i’m a mom.

like many of you my life revolves around my children. the first thing i do in the morning, you know, before i prepare the coffee, is pack lunches. packing lunches is not one of my favorite things to do, especially since my children are very picky eaters. lunches around here consist of peanut butter, yogurt, granola bars, fruit and vegetables. remember, this includes a snack. my son’s lunch box looks like it can feed 2 kids from breakfast to dinner most days.

the one thing i really dislike about packed lunches is all the garbage it produces. you know what a nut job i am (if you are a new reader take a look back at all my rants about eating local). i love to recycle, i love to save things and refurbish them, i rather buy “pre-owned” then buy new. it makes me feel like i’m doing something. you know what i mean? take a look around you and think about what you have that you don’t need and what you throw away each year. if you could throw away one less plastic bag a day wouldn’t that make you feel better?

i came across this great product a couple weeks back that i have been truly fascinated by. would you believe me if i tell you i found them on facebook? i did, really. what’s the best part? my kids can take these bags to school, bring them home, and then i can throw them into the dishwasher or laundry at night and re-use them the next day. they fit everything from goldfish to carrots, sandwiches to subs, you can pack a whole day’s lunch for a family in these things.

so when jenn and i from again bags started talking, i couldn’t help to ask her if i could share these bags with you. i’m excited to share something with you that i so strongly believe in. whether you pack lunches for yourself or your kids this is a great product.

so check this out food yenta readers. has given me something for you. yep people, a little giveaway! one reader will receive a 2 piece set from againbags. color forest green, this contains 1 small bag and one large bag. are you asking yourself what you have to do?

leave a comment here, that’s it. tell me anything, or just say, “wow, i’d love a chance to get myself some free swag” (yeah, i just said swag).

want multiple chances to win? go check out againbags and like them on facebook, or even follow them on twitter. come back here and leave me another comment, let me know that you followed them (for example, i followed againbags on fb. i follow againbags on twitter).

want to check out some of againbags other produts (i think you should)…you can find here.

this giveaway ends friday february 3rd! it is open to everyone. so go on now, spread the word!


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