• equal amounts of panko and flour
  • pinch of salt and pepper
  • fresh herbs
  • eggs
  • touch of cream or milk
  • oil to fry

fried pickles…

some of you might say ewww…

and the rest of you might be like oooohhhhhhh!

i guess you have to like pickles….and fried stuff. or both combined.

over the last 2 days they have become the go to snack. we gobbled them down…my little pickle hoarders weren’t willing to give up any, getting a picture was almost impossible. it was worth the two kids reaching up behind me giggling.

anything that produces giggling in my book is worth it.

making these are simple…equal parts panko and flour. add some fresh herbs to the mix. while your at it, it can’t hurt to throw in some salt and pepper.  scramble up an egg and toss in some milk or cream. dunk, coat with panko mixture and fry.

dip in ranch dressing, inhale…giggle, enjoy.

happy friday (this is where i insert that huge smile).



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