• 6 patty pan squash
  • about 2 tbl of olive oil
  • pinch of salt and pepper
  • 1 lemon cut in half

simple. that’s what i crave during these hot summer months. just plain simple grilled veggies. after all, what’s summer with out grilled veggies?

i can live on grilled vegetables during the summer. i look forward to the farmers markets just to have an excuse to buy to much and grill all week.

there is something about a grilled zucchini though, you have to admit, the taste is to die for. i mean the whole zucchini changes. it takes on this new flavor. it get’s sweeter, it gets crunchy (kind of), it is just mouth wateringly good (yeah, i know, that’s not really a word but that’s never stopped me).

i found these patty pan squash. i don’t buy them often because i just don’t get them. are they squash? are they not? what the heck to you do with them? a couple of times i have roasted them with chicken and steak but eh, not much in the taste department. grilling them however…grilling them makes all the difference.

not only are they cute and pretty to look at, what a great center piece they would make on thanksgiving (yes it’s august and i mentioned thanksgiving), the taste when grilled. oh. you need to run out and grab some.

wash them, slice them. you’ll see, easy. easy and mouth wateringly (and there is that word again) good.

simple grilled patty pan squash

  1. rinse squash and slice. toss with olive oil, salt and pepper.
  2. slice a lemon in half.
  3. grill squash for 1-2 minutes on each side (depending on how hot your grill is). put lemon on the grill and forget it while your cooking the squash.
  4. plate squash when done and squeeze a touch of grilled lemon over. place on dish and let your guests add lemon as they wish.

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