• 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup 1% milk
  • 1.5 tbl canola oil
  • 2 tbl wildflower honey
  • 2 cups of flour + 2 tbl
  • 1 tbl gluten
  • 1 tsp kosher or sea salt
  • 1 3/4 tsp yeast

i have this thing. you know, i am sure some of you understand. i like to buy kitchen gadgets.

i do, i really do.

i am what you might say addicted. you know, like i am to farmers markets or pick your own farms.

if i’m away, wait, if i am anywhere, and i pass a “vintage” “antique” any kind of store that sells “kitchen goods” i stop. i look. i buy.

i am one of those people who has shelf’s of “finds” and a laundry room full of “stuff” that no one see’s (or needs). i am the worst. actually i’m not, my mother-in-law wins the award (she is a bad example for me).

the one thing that was missing from my collection, a bread machine. yes, a bread machine. did you just laugh? don’t worry, you are not the only one.

my dream…master the art of bread baking. i wanted to pack my kids lunches with homemade bread…i wanted to wake up to the smell of cinnamon baking, i wanted to come home to the smell of honey wheat, let’s just be honest, i wanted to make homemade bread (and smell it).

baking does not come naturally to me. bread making does not come naturally to me. so i bought a bread machine. i did. and i love it.

do you have a bread maker? just interested? just want to see what your getting into before you take the plunge? well, here you go. my little experience (or experiment).

i bought a book. i’ve been making my own bread. i love it. and really really want to share.

my first loaf was honey white. simple. something the kids will definitely like, and something i had all the ingredients for. you put the wet in first, then the dry. you plug it in, press a couple buttons and bam! 3 hours or so, homemade bread.

it was stress-less. it was easy, it was fun. and man, what entertainment (i really do sound like i am out of my mind, who gets this excited about making bread??).

this loaf is simple, and if you own a machine and you never used it, this is the recipe to start with. basic honey white bread.

honey white bread   adapted by the bread lovers bread machine by beth hensperger

just a note: this book is fabulous, and if you get a chance, pick it up. this book has lots of wonderful information about flours, gluten, yeast, and well, everything you need to know about bread making. i was told by a friend who turned me on to this whole thing, use SAF yeast, it is easy to find, you store it in your freezer, and it lasts forever. i also for the first time went out and bought gluten. the guy at the store thought i was insane. it comes in a box and it is called vital wheat gluten. buy some, you know, if your not gluten sensitive.

  1. place all the ingredients in the bread pan starting with wet, ending with yeast.
  2. set crust on medium and program for a basic cycle. press start.
  3. walk away and come back in 3.5 hours.
  4. take bread out when done and cool before you tear into it (if you can help it).

although we are not gluten free, or gluten sensitive, i do plan on trying some gluten free bread. this book has some great recipes. it’s easy to read, easy to follow, and the bread, yum, delish. happy bread making, more to come!





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