i’m not really brave when it comes to fish. i like what i like and i never stray far.

it’s the consistency that gets me, the taste, it can’t be fishy, no. certainly not.

i’m weird but i like my food simple. i like to see what i am eating, each ingredient. i love when i can pin point a spice. plainly, i like good simple food.

during one of my recent inspirational trips to whole foods i found myself drawn to the fish counter. i just love to look at whole fish. it creeps me out kinda, you know, the eyes (although many of people have told me it’s the best part, as i sit here shuttering). but every time i go i look. 2 weeks ago i bought and i was incredibly pleased with the results. so much so i went and bought a different fish.

i envisioned herbs, lemon, salt…my mouth was watering and i knew date night didn’t start for another couple hours.

then i came accorss tangerines. i myself prefer a clementine but the produce guy insisted that i had to try them.

and that’s how things happen in my head.

i walked passed the lemon.

i continued to shop and thought about dinner. thought about my night, thought about the good, simple, wonderful meal me and my partner were about to embark on.

simple is right. and the simplistic recipes make me happy.

ask them to cut off the head, don’t be embarrassed, i did. i also ask them to take the bones out (and then to bag them separately for stock).

when your fish is being cleaned, take a walk. inspire yourself.

walk past the greens, the herbs, the citrus. wonder over by the berries, the potatoes…i like to escape by the apples. check out the colors, the smells. pick it up and hold it, feel your dinner, smell what you are about to embark on and use all your senses to enjoy it.

after stuffing before cooking

after baking in parchment paper

what i chose:

  1. 1 tangerine.
  2. a fresh bay leaf
  3. a sprig of parsley
  4. fennel fronds
  5. sprinkle of sea salt on both the interior sides.

bake enclosed in parchment paper @350 for about 20 minutes so all those flavors steam together and you are left with warm, flaky, fragrant fish.

simple. good. dinner.



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