well, it’s like time.

how did that happen??

it’s freaking passover.

get out the seder plate people and go find that shank bone.

want some recipes to make your seder the awesomeist (that’s not a real world, whatever)  it’s ever been…keep reading.

1. first off this brisket is the bomb. not joking. my friend jen has claimed it as her own. i’m just glad to help but jen, hey, i did it first (wink wink).

2. but if you don’t do the crock pot and want something different, try this brisket…whoa.

3. remember that seinfeld episode with farfel? well, i can’t make this with out thinking of it. farfel is one of my favorites. i just can’t get through passover with out it. seriously. it’s, like, so good.

4. this my friends. kugel. what they hey, i’m gonna toot my own horn. this is like dessert, for dinner, an it’s all kinds of good.

5. matzah brei, you can eat it for more then just breakfast. man, i can eat this stuff every day (and i plan too).

6. quinoa. stuffed. peppers. need i say more?

what else, what else…desserts…well here, links i posted last year that will be made again this year…

sheri’s flourless chocolate roulade

dara, well, dara is the chick in the kitchen, check out her apple & almond torte

and check out martha, like 20 recipes, you go girl.

so what are you making for passover?



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