it’s that time of year again…passover ya’ll.

looking for some ideas? i got your back.


this is one of our favorites…brisket in the crock pot. trust me. try it with manischewitz.


farfel. it’s just not that dog on seinfeld. the best yet, they sell GF farfel ya’ll. i bought a couple boxes.


and quinoa…yeah, it’s kosher for passover. serve this during the week or at your seder.


kosher for passover noodle kugel…and guess what…they have kosher for passover gluten free egg noodles. shut the front door right!

matzah brie

what? banana matzah brie? yeah, you heard me. (and pssss, they sell GF matzah)

meringue cookies. kosher for passover. right? yeah.

if you are looking for soups this week, i have plenty.

some other great recipes around the internets…

  1. always check with sheri silver. trust me.
  2. and debbie. her too. yes. (click here and here)
  3. and dara, yeah it’s from 2011 but who cares she’s awesome.

look out this week. i’ll be posting more…i promise.



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