• box of matzah ball mix
  • eggs
  • oil (olive oil)
  • chicken fat from your stock
  • good soup stock

j has been asking me for weeks ever since it got cold and i started making soup again. so here it is, day 4 of my roast chicken and still going strong, the matzah ball.

there’s no big secret here…everyone has their own way of making them. some people use matzah meal and vodka, others use seltzer, i use chicken fat. i know i say let’s be honest a lot, but really, what is so bad about fat.

i use matzah ball mix from a box. it’s the same thing as matzah meal but you only have to add eggs and oil. it’s simple and it tastes good. trust me, a good light fluffy matzah ball has nothing to do with what you make it with, it’s in the cooking. my mom has been making matzah balls from as far back as i can remember, she always said: they should not sink they should float, they should be fluffy and light…my recipe is similar to my moms but a little different. so here is what i do.

matzah balls

  1. i follow the directions on the box when it comes to eggs.
  2. here’s the part you will love, only because it includes fat. the box i had called for 1/4 cup oil per matzah ball packet. so here is what i did, since i made both packets, i added 1/4 cup olive oil and then the chicken fat. it’s ok if it doesn’t add up to 1/4 cup, it’s better then oil, you will see.
  3. i beat the eggs, oil, and fat, then added the mix. let sit for about 15-20 min. some recipes say put it in the fridge, i don’t. it sits on my counter. if i prepare and i have to run out, i throw it in the fridge then let it sit for about 10 min out before i make the matzah balls. you want the mix to be room temperature.
  4. some people boil theirs in water, my feeling is you just made this fabulous broth why not use it? bring your soup  to a light boil, wet your hands and then form the mix into balls (mine are more egg like, see pict above, i find they cook more evenly, hence fluffy and light). your call here, small or big, mix of both, i usually do small ones for the kids and medium size ones for e and i. they expand when they cook remember. drop into soup and cover pot for about 25-30 minutes, cook at a med temp.

when done, cool a bit, set temp down to simmer and serve:-)shabbat shalom! enjoy!


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