no picts no recipes…why? it’s just not been my week in the kitchen.

i have made some good meals, sure, but in between it’s been one mistake after another :-) everyone has bad weeks right? since i spend much of my time in my kitchen that’s were mine happen to occur.

i should warn you, i am pretty much known for my klutziness. i walk into things on a regular basis, i knock things over, i spill wine, and i constantly drop things. when i was younger, i had a lot of sprained ankles, wrists, broken fingers, broken glasses…you get the picture. the older i have gotten the less klutzy i have been, but i still have off days, or in this case, week.

so read on, and try not to laugh :-D actually, it’s ok if you do, i did.

my kitchen blunders: this week

  1. while making the kids their french fries i forgot to use cooking spray, which in turn broke my favorite spatula. so, let this be a lesson, use cooking spray when making no fry fries. they stick to the bottom of your baking sheet and make a huge mess.
  2. refer to #1, i ruined my favorite baking sheet while making french fries.
  3. i decided to make banana bread last night because my kids noticed i had 2 bad bananas. i hadn’t noticed, it’s been a long week (yes i know, it’s only wednesday). i got to the last step, my phone rang, as i was talking i poured half the yogurt in, started to mix, looked down and noticed it was covered in mold.
  4. speaking of yogurt, i went to grab some left over corn from the fridge and managed to knock over a pint of yogurt which in turn exploded all over me, the fridge, the floor, my kitchen runner, and my daughter. there was crying (not me).
  5. tuna. i love tuna, not the type in the can the type you get from the fish dept and sear because it looks awesome. i forgot about it. i did, and when i noticed it, it was not good. i mean, it was gross. i was planning to make a recipe i found in bon appetite. it looked good. maybe another day.
  6. should i mention the day i found the tuna i also found ice cream, yes, in the fridge. j’s favorite ice cream. there was crying that day too (again not from me).
  7. p can now reach the counter tops. i was making beans…every time i walked into the kitchen i noticed the crock pot was turned off. it was driving me crazy. it’s brand new and i was totally bummed because i really thought it was shorting out. i turned back around to find the directions so i can call the company only to see miss p walk over and turn it back off. this must of went on for hours. needless to say, we had a very late dinner.

i just felt like sharing. it’s been a fun 3 days. i am taking the night off :-)

have any good kitchen mishaps you want to share?


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