i’m very passionate about food. i love food…good food, cookbooks, a good recipe, a great restaurant…and it made me think, do i have to post a recipe every day or can i just chat about my passion? after all, my purpose was my adventure, right?

one of my favorite foods is cheese. i am sure a lot of you understand my love and appreciate it. i can sit down and eat a huge block of cheese by myself for dinner with a freshly baked bread. i serve cheese at every dinner party, i make all my friends try it when they visit and i talk about it quite often. e thinks i’m crazy. i might be, last night after eating 3 matzah balls, i proceeded to take out a block of honey goat cheese and eat it by the spoonful.

when i first moved here i found it…the only place i will buy cheese ever again: mint in tarrytown. it’s heaven for a foodie and cheese lover like me. it’s a small store that carries every french and well just any cheese you can think of. additionally, you can get great olives, chocolate, meats, olive oils, specialty baking and cooking items (like my favorite, truffle honey:-).

you walk in there and you can literally have lunch with all the samples he gives you. no matter what, you end up walking out with more then you thought you would and it’s all worth it. i never have a plan when i go in there, well, i do, but i might as well not, and i am always ecstatic with what i come home with.

mint is warm and inviting, the breads…i’m hungry just talking about it, it’s why i love food. the smells, the feeling it gives you enables you to bring yourself anywhere. you can just close your eyes and imagine yourself eating that good hunk of honey goat cheese in a little cafe with fresh crusty bread and olives, maybe some fruit. it sends me to a quiet place i rarely see anymore and would love to one day enjoy:-)


18 Main St
Tarrytown, NY 10591


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