• salmon fillets or steaks
  • about a tsp of mustard per fillet or steak (not hot dog mustard)
  • and handful of chopped dill (dry or fresh works)

i am not a huge fan of salmon. i have eaten so much of it during the years that it’s just not as exciting to me as other fish could be. lately however, i have been craving it.

the other night we had family over who mainly stay away from meat and to boot, kosher. fish is always a safe choice. you can’t go wrong with a fish steak.

years ago my grandparents went to alaska. they came home with a ton of fresh salmon they had caught. their freezer was stocked and when you went there for dinner, you knew what you were having. my grandmother always had different ways of making it. one night she would use a spice rub where as another night it would be poached and served with steamed veggies and a salad. one night however always stuck in my mind because it was a meal i really enjoyed.

i am not a huge mustard fan, i am one of those people who prefer ketchup on my hot dog, so when i saw what was on the salmon i turned my nose up to it, but she’s grandma, which means she made me try it. it was an instant love. i wont normally eat mustard, but now adding it to a dish seems right. trust me, this is an easy recipe that takes no time at all, it’s healthy, and it tastes good.

dill and mustard salmon

  1. clean and dry your salmon. get out a knife and spread the mustard over the top of the fillet and sprinkle with dill.
  2. you can stick it under the broiler or of course the bbq.
if your cooking it on the bbq, i recommend cooking it on top of tinfoil. it is less messy and easier to serve. you don’t have to flip (keep the bbq closed while cooking) so you can slide the salmon right off the tinfoil on to your plate.

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