last night i watched this movie, life as we know it. if you never heard of it, it’s this cute little romantic comedy…what you’re probably saying to your self now, what does this have to do with food?

there was this quick scene in the kitchen…

he says “you don’t follow any kind of a recipe?”  
she says “this is the only place in life where i do not follow a plan…”

how great is that? some of my greatest meals are those i don’t plan…and it always feels great. i don’t think about writing stuff down, i keep it simple and i enjoy myself. it’s really my only place where i can just stop, feel what’s going on around me, and have fun. 

although my life has been crazy this past two weeks, i have just let go. i stopped making plans. i just let things happen and let life go where it takes us at that particular moment. i have rediscovered my creative side and really let it shine through not only in the kitchen but in everyday life. 

we cooked a lot this week. we even baked. see that cake up above? we had so many plums…so many. i really was at a loss. so we googled on the internets. i thought jelly, then thought oh, maybe some ice pops, and then j asked for a cake. this is what we came up with. 

cooking light magazine actually directed me to this website. what a great recipe. it is a plum kuchen. almost every bite has the sweet taste of ripe plums. it’s light, like a pastry bread. you can taste the small trace of cardamom and allspice but it’s not overpowering. it’s a great cake to serve at brunch or even just a small get together. not to mention it’s a pretty looking cake. instead of baking it in a round pan we used a bunt pan. no reason other then because we were about to have a tea party in a fort and p was pretending to be fancy nancy. according to j, she needs a fancy cake.

we made fish taco’s this week with a fresh tomatillo salsa. it was a great meatless monday dinner. it was very simple, easy and so tasty and fresh. and then there was the chicken milanese...finally chicken i didn’t burn. we whipped up a great tomato salsa to top it off thanks to gwyneth. her cookbook has so many great ideas. 

as well as our overstock of plums, peaches were coming out of our ears. we whipped up a simple peach & lavender ice pop. cool and refreshing with a subtle hint of lavender. lot’s of fun to make, especially since i have never cooked with lavender. if you want to give these a try and can’t find lavender, skip it. fresh peaches taste great alone too!

next week i have something special for you. i have 2 wonderful women posting here (you can find them here and here). i got a sneak peak at their recipes and pictures, they look delish! i will be around but i plan on taking a couple days off. no computers, no phone…we are going to take some day trips and discover the hudson valley.

have a great weekend everyone!


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