• 1.5 tbl of salt
  • 4 tbl brown sugar
  • 1 dried chili pepper crushed
  • 1 tbl paprika
  • 1/2 tbl onion powder
  • 1/2 tbl garlic powder

sometimes i crave steak. i don’t make it enough. the worst is when i am watching a cooking show or checking out some recipes and they are all steak related. i find myself needing it, and that’s what happened the other night.

tuesday night after e’s big birthday dinner i was catching up on some dvr. it’s been a while since i have scanned my dvr for cooking shows so i turned one on. sometimes i watch them because i am either really interested in what they are cooking or i really need inspiration.

i needed to feel inspired. like everyone i defiantly go though lulls in the kitchen, especially when i don’t really cook for days at a time. i start to doubt myself and then i can’t get a meal together. our weekends have been chaotic lately. i haven’t really “cooked” in the kitchen. i pass through on occasion to grab a muffin or a piece of fruit, my kids run by the snack draw but we usually just end up taking out or eating out because we are just not home enough to make a meal (or to even think about a meal). things will calm down soon, the weather starts to get cold and outdoor activities come to a halt. that’s when i spend all my time in the kitchen.

back to that tv show, i mentioned anne burrell the other day, she is the one who influenced the duck confit. sometimes i really enjoy watching her because she has incredible energy in the kitchen. we are not much of a meat and potato family but on occasion i am known to cook a mean steak. i was totally fascinated by this recipe. it was simple, it looked good, and there i was, missing some ingredients :-)

i am going to call this steak rub “steak house steak rub”. why? it really made me feel like i was at steak house. i made some changes, this is my own version of her recipe and it was melt in your mouth yummy. making steak this week? don’t miss this.

steak house steak rub    adapted from anne burrell’s recipe dry rubbed rib eye recipe
  1. combine all the spices and mix.
i marinated a skirt steak in this rub overnight. i placed the rub on a plate, took my steak and mushed both sides into the rub. stored in a container in my fridge and took it out to bbq last night.

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