chag sameach! it’s purim!! one my favorite holidays.

purim started last night. i couldn’t ask for more perfect timing because we were expecting a special visitor, my mom.

my mom and i haven’t baked hamantashen together since i was about 13 (that was some time ago). i have fond memories of my mom, sister and i hunkering down all day and rolling out hundreds of cookies. preparing boxes for our neighbors and friends, it was fun times.

back then we used all your basic flavors, apple, prune, cherry…this year we decided to go for a more modern twist. this year we used nutella (why not?), my dad’s favorite wild berry jam and some peach preserves my friend sent me from down south.

the day was full of flour falling all over the floor (and even out of the mixer) and huge smiles. this is the first time my mom cooked with the girl. it was all 3 of us rolling up our sleeves and having fun. what a great memory for the girl and for my mom. i lent my mom my apron and the girl had hers…before i knew it they were rolling out the dough together and dropping me hints it was time for me to put down my camera and get to work.

if your interested in the recipe see here…it’s one of my favorites, one i have been making for years. they are light and fluffy, full of your favorite fillings you can’t go wrong.

by the way, mom, you still need to send me your recipe. have you found it yet?


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