so yesterday was national pi day…i felt the pressure.

did i make pie? no….i baked a cake. whatever…

throw me a recipe or ask me to make something up with so and so ingredients and i will take on the challenge any day…ask me to bake something an i feel the anxiety setting in. i’m not joking. i didn’t get that gene. it’s floating around my family though. my sister is a chef who specializes in desserts…my grandmother is a master pie maker, my mom has the abilty to bake anything thrown at her…these women can bake.

i don’t follow direction well. let’s just be honest, my attention span is rather low. i am not organized (organized people fascinate me though, seriously, i’m in awe, just look here). i zone out in the middle of conversations…i forget my phone has auto-correct and i send things out with out even looking (here is a quick example: last night i wrote beets and my phone corrected it to beat’s, i hit send).

i promised myself something. i promised myself i would one day be a baker. every week i vowed to bake at least one thing. after all practice makes perfect, i’m willing to put in the man hours. my dream is to one day look at a cup of flour and think “wow i can bake _____ with this”. it will happen…you just wait.

meanwhile, i wanted to share something with you. i’m getting better and patting myself on the back. as i become more comfortable with baking i seem to be taking on more interesting recipes. i seem to be able to look at a recipe be comfortable with it, i can now look at a cookie recipe and think…wow this would be awesome with this and it’s been working!!!

so i here i go…patting myself on the back…and showing you the goods…

so a while back i made these chocolate chip cookies. easy, fab, and totally quick to whip up. a recipe i couldn’t go wrong with…and then i found brown butter. what, brown butter?! hell yes, and in cookies people. your melting the butter anyway, why not just wait it out a couple minutes and really add some flavor.

i patted myself on the back after that find. it helped my very picky friend agreed, brown butter cookies might be her new favorite.

and then there was this…truffles.

holy goodness batman. seriously, i never thought i could even make a truffle. ok, so they are not baked but who cares i made them. i melted the chocolate. that counts right? well to me it does…again i pat myself on the back. i followed direction…i actually focused…all the right ingredients and everything! (see here for the recipe).

so then pi day came…freakin’ pies. come on…do tarts count? no they don’t i guess. i hate making pies. i’m anal. this would mean i have to make the pie crust. ok, pie crust i can do but come on…instead i remembered this recipe and shoved my beets in the oven.

don’t judge…ready, it’s a chocolate beet cake with beet cream cheese frosting. this folks might be my favorite cake ever. i mean it. eeeevvvvverrrrr. ever. favorite. you know sometimes when you just don’t know what to say about something because you are lost for words…that’s me. me, right now, lost for words. i baked this! i did it (see here for recipe).

my final pat on the back. i won’t be baking till next week. by the way, i just bought a treadmill because i gained 10 pounds since december. this possibly wasn’t my best new years resolution.



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