• 2 eggs whites
  • cooking spary
  • 1/4 cup sliced mushrooms
  • 1/2 cup chopped spinach
  • 1/2 tbl butter
  • 1 tsp chopped dill

let’s get real.

i’ve never been that person to complain about weight gain (until recently). i’ve been blessed with good genes. my dad is tall and thin. my mom (she’s going to kill me) is one of those people who eats way too healthy and doesn’t even have to try to lose weight (she’s hot for a 50 something year old woman). the will power that women has…well, i didn’t get that gene. seriously, i have no will power.

since december i have put on a good 10 pounds (possibly more). the thing is (sorry men, cover your ears/eyes) it all goes to my boobs and what i like to call, my muffin top. you know that thing that hangs over your pants? the thing i am convinced children leave behind after they trash your body for 9 months (all worth it though, really, it is). until recently, and i am not complaining, if i kept myself at a decent weight it was kind of un-noticeable (as in, i noticed it, and it was easy to hide because big shirts are in).

and then i challenged myself to bake. yeah. for a person with no will power (that’s me), who loves to eat (um, me again), i decided to bake. i love my baked goods, and when you make them yourself they are even better.

so i challenged myself. i did. day 3.

i downloaded this app called my fitness pal. i use this app to keep track of everything i am eating, like a food diary you know. it’s awesome, and let me tell you, i’ve been really paying attention to what i am eating. um…did i mention i have no will power?

i plugged in my weight, then i plugged in what i would like to weigh by the time the pool opens this summer (i have about 2 months). i plugged in my height, how much i exercise (which according to this app it considered light activity) i do a day and how many pounds a week i want get rid of. it’s pretty simple.

the best part about this whole thing…i went food shopping yesterday and realized how much i don’t pay attention to what i stick in my cart. seriously, i went to grab a can of tomatoes and actually looked at salt content etc. it was mind blowing for me.

the point i am trying to make to myself…will i make mistakes? hell yes, i’m not perfect. will i cheat and have a cookie? um i did last night, 2 actually. am i trying? hell yes. do i love this?…um, yeah, i actually do. can i eat smaller portions? i just proved to myself i could.

i think the best part of this for me…i’m finally stopping and eating breakfast. something i don’t really do. i’m eating 3 meals a day…3 solid meals. 3 meals. me. i never would of thought.

scrambled egg whites with mushrooms, spinach & dill

although egg whites seem pretty simple, i always found it hard to really enjoy them. i’m a yolk person. i love the runny yoke. did i ever mention i don’t like my eggs scrambled?the combination of the dill and mushrooms, hey, let’s not forget the spinach, is delicious. it’s like a gourmet breakfast with out all the fuss that you can make at home in less then 5 minutes.

this whole breakfast, including 2 cups of coffee and a slice of toast was about 230 calories (i even used a little butter).

  1. spay a frying pan with one squirt of cooking spray and heat up for one minute (i use pam organic canola oil cooking spray)
  2. add sliced mushrooms to pan and saute for about 2 minutes, just until they start to brown.
  3. add chopped spinach and dill, toss. let it sit for a minute.
  4. add 1/4 tbl of unsalted butter. let melt, add egg whites and toss.

i used the other 1/4 tbl of butter on my toast. i like butter. there are somethings a girl just can’t give up.

ps…just because i’m watching my weight doesn’t mean i wont be posting good food. wait to you see what i have for you tomorrow.


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