let’s get serious here…it’s spring. if your bbq isn’t plugged into your gas line then it’s time to run out and get some charcoal/propane.

i’m a huge fan of the bbq. i love the smell, i love the tastes, i love everything about this season. the only person who loves a good bbq more then me, the boy. the boy craves the bbq. the boy is the reason we ran to home depot this weekend to get fuel. the boy is the reason we had bbq corn 2 times this weekend. the boy is the reason why we had ribs last night. the boy knows what he’s talking about because the boy had our dinners planned out this whole weekend.

now, today isn’t much about a recipe but some tips on how to throw together a quick bbq that will sure to impress even the littlest of munchkins (especially those who love to get dirty and squeal at the thought of bbq sauce running down their faces). actually, it’s more about my favorite product, the barbeque sauce. sure, i can make my own (and i have, see here and here) but sometimes, especially on weekends when it’s all about family time, i tend to grab bottles of things to help speed up the process.

need i say more? yes i kind of have to. you all know i am a huge fan of whole foods right? huge fan. so much so that i will go out of my way to go there just to pick up something silly (you know, like yogurt). see that barbeque sauce up there? see? that my friends is my favorite. why am i plugging whole foods? it’s the only place i can find it (other then the web but i like the whole shopping experience). i can not be sure why i have this…but i will tell you this, whenever i picked this up, whenever i thought it would be a good idea to have bbq sauce in my house, was the day my world changed. honestly. seriously. butternut mountain farm should be given a medal for this bbq sauce.  by the way, no one has paid me to say any of this…this is me, my true feelings, my true feelings about bbq sauce. can you sense the passion? it’s real passion people, just look at this:

is your mouth watering yet? mine is. and i ate it last night (even though each rib was like 400 calories, um…i ate 4, it was worth it, nothing else to say, move on).

making ribs are easy. do you like them falling off the bone? you know when the sauce runs down your face…you know, like when your hands are covered in everything on your plate and your fork is slimy from touching it and not using a wipe?  then you need to make these and you need to run to whole foods and pick up this sauce (or order it online).

here is the deal, i have made ribs in the crock pot before, but if you are like me, you know, running non stop after 2 little kids and you forget to buy ribs and have to run to the store at the last minute and then think about how to make them fall off the bone good, then see here:

  • cut the rack in two so it’s easy to deal with, trust me, easier to flip around and maneuver.
  • coat a cookie sheet in tinfoil. a lot of tinfoil, enough to wrap them up.
  • place ribs on sheet and sprinkle with salt and pepper, then take that yummy sauce, about a 1/4 of a cup and throw it over the ribs. seal and set in the oven at 300 for 1 and a half hours.
  • heat up your bbq, take the ribs out of the oven and place on grill. baste with my favorite sauce (oh i mean yours) and cook till you desire.

we like our ribs crunchy on the outside, dripping with sauce and soft on the inside (did i mention this already?).

so what are you doing? go, run, go get some fuel and make some ribs. it’s spring folks, time to break out the bbq.


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