• 2 pieces of bread
  • smear of goat cheese
  • preserves (your favorite)
  • greens (lettuce, arugula)

i am always looking for easy lunch ideas (mainly because i don’t eat breakfast). by 11:30 i am starved.

i know what you are thinking…you don’t eat breakfast? i’m just not hungry and the moment i get out of bed i’m running. someone needs help getting dressed, i need to take someone to the bathroom, we need to catch the bus…you get it right?

here is my problem. i don’t want a heavy lunch. i want to eat something i can:

  1. drink with coffee (i love coffee)
  2. tastes good (of course)
  3. is healthy (i try)
  4. will hold me over till dinner (or at least till snack time)
  5. does not include my kids leftovers (which is what usually happens)

list look familiar to you?

the other day at the deli i spotted this sandwich. it looked good. it was however made with a nutty fruity bread (not my favorite). to top it off, orange marmalade (eh). someone next to me mentioned the sandwich was “the best”.  “the best” huh. knowing i had 2 logs of goat cheese at home and fresh bread i had bought the previous day i decided to go home and give it a try.

i have been eating this sandwich for lunch nearly every day since :-)

toasted bread with goat cheese, raspberry preserves and greens

  1. toast the bread.
  2. smear some goat cheese on one side of your bread, on the other, preserves.
  3. lay some greens, arugula works well, over the cheese, sandwich the bread together and enjoy.

this might be my favorite sandwich and something i can see myself making fast and eating on the run.


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