hope everyone had a great weekend! today i start my juice cleanse. it has been 2 weeks since my adventure started. not only did i give up coffee but i also started exercising. it’s day 8 and i feel great.

i’ve ranted about eating organic, buying local and supporting your local farms/businesses forever. it’s something that really means a lot to me and my family. i’ve tried hard not to preach. it’s not my thing, but i do have some thoughts on a lot of what is going on in the media right now.

have you been thinking recently? you know, after the whole pizza is a vegetable thing and that 60 minute segment about “natural flavoring”? what about the effect of today’s environment on your body? these are all the crazy things that led me on this journey.

i met stephanie about a year ago. our youngest children happened to be in the same class. i soon found out she was a health coach (at that time i was no where ready for any of this)…and then i walked into a local place a couple weeks back and met eric korn (his salad started this whole thing). they both joined forces a couple months back when they realized people in westchester were craving “health”, but really didn’t know where to begin. they together created the good-life gourmet juice cleanse and the good-life gourmet food detox(see link here).

a cleanse is basically designed to rid your body of not only toxins and chemicals, but to restart your digestive system. it works internally to rid your body of all that bad stuff you not only put in it but what the environment does too. the way i see it, for me, it’s not a crash diet (you can loose weight though), it’s a way for me to re-start my body and my behaviors.

now here is the really good stuff. good-life gourmet want to give 3 people a chance to cleanse. yes 3 of you. really! for you, 1 free 1 day cleanse, that’s 5 juices delivered to your door made fresh that morning.wait…there is a catch.

this is a local WESTCHESTER(sorry folks) giveaway only. they only deliver to towns within a 15 mile radius of scarsdale village.  this encompasses the rivertowns over to rye, mamaroneck and everything in between.  if you live farther, you are welcomed to pick up your juice.why is this? this juice is made the day of your cleanse. it’s fresh, it hasn’t been sitting in a plastic bottle for weeks waiting to ship. around 7am a bag will be dropped off at your door containing 5 glass bottles of juice. the next day, you leave your empty bottles (they recycle!) and drop off new ones (if you want to continue your cleanse).

so what do you have to do? just leave a comment on this blog post. make sure i can reach you by email. i can’t give away anything if i can’t reach you. if you have any questions about the cleanse feel free to email me, i will try and answer any questions i can or connect you with someone who can.

this giveaway will end sunday december 11th at midnight. i will be announcing the winners the following day, on monday.

if you want to make me feel real special and share the love come follow me on fb (here) and good life gourmet (here).

good luck people! let you know how it’s going tomorrow.

to get more information on good life gourmet and what they do:
irvington  •  108 main street  •  tel: 914-478-8080

scarsdale  •   13 spencer place  •  tel: 914-723-3024

find them on the web here.

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