i won’t lie to you, it’s been hard. this is day 9 of exercising and day 2 of the cleanse. i have lost 4 pounds and i really feel great. three words to sum up my day, energized, full, and happy.

between the hours of 7-12: the morning started off great, i drank lots of water. i drank my juice. i had tons of energy. i did however forget to bring my juice out with me, by 11:30 my stomach was growling and i was hungry.

12-3: as soon as i got home, i grabbed my red juice. the hardest part about doing this cleanse or any cleanse is having to prepare foods for others. i am pretty sure i was drooling while prepping my daughters lunch. as i finished my 2nd juice i became very full. by the time juice 3 came around it took me an hour to finish it…my kids helped.

3-6: i drank my last red juice around 5:30. i had a friend over who fed my kids for me. i took a walk and drank.

7-9:i was starving at 7:30. i couldn’t take it anymore, i ate a slice of cucumber :-) i drank my cashew milk at 8:30 and had another cup of tea around 9:30.the most important part of this cleanse is to make sure you drink. i drank a ton of water yesterday. as you can see, i did eat a piece of cucumber :-) and i’m ok with that. if you feel like your just to hungry or you need something to chew on grab an apple slice or a piece of cucumber. it won’t hurt you and it wont mess up your cleanse. you will be surprised that eating a slice of cucumber does it. it just takes that urge of chewing away.

even though i love this cleanse, my biggest issue is that i love food. i made the mistake of watching a cooking show last night, look out for duck ragu next week:-) my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

if you haven’t signed up for the cleanse yet, you still have time (see link here).

wish me luck! i’ll be hiding out all day knitting :-)


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