that’s my red juice. juice 2, i’m running a little late today…

day 2 was hard. i was very hungry. i was also tempted…

between the hours of 7-12: i felt refreshed. i woke up had a cup of water with lemon, worked out, had some more water and then my juice. i took my juice out with me and drank it on the car ride home from running errands.

12-3: i was full until 2:30 when my stomach started growling. it’s funny how your body knows when it’s time to drink. this was the first time i really chugged my juice.

3-6: by 4 i was hungry again. i split an apple with my son. at 5 when i started making dinner i took out my 4th juice. it took me an hour to drink it because i kept looking at my kids dinner, then back at my juice, then back at their dinner. the temptation passed. after my kids ate we stepped outside for some fresh air.

6-9: between getting everyone ready for bed and stories i had no time to think about food. by the time i started drinking the cashew milk (i think this might be my favorite one) i was so exhausted from the day i finished up some projects i was working on and went to bed.

juice cleanses are hard, it takes dedication. a good idea would be to mix it with exercise. a hobby helps too. i knitted a scarf yesterday. keep yourself busy.

today seems a lot easier. i haven’t even thought about my food. when i made p lunch today i was so full from my 2nd juice the thought of eating made me a little sick.

what’s on the menu tomorrow? lot’s of fruits and veg. lucky for me the farmers market is today :-) i see kale and squash in my future :-)

if you haven’t signed up yet, you still have time! the winners will be announced on monday (see here for link).

back to knitting :-) keeping busy.


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