• 2 links of chorizo
  • 1 large onion
  • 5 cloves of garlic
  • about 20 green olives
  • 1 jalapeno pepper
  • 1 280z can of whole tomatoes
  • 2 14oz can of black beans
  • 1 tbl taco seasoning
  • 1 tbl chopped chipotle pepper in adobo
  • 1 cup of wheat berries

i have been dying to post this recipe for a while…

chili. love it. it’s one of my favorites.

it’s even better when you make it with cornbread.

don’t just eat it like this though…you know with cornbread. this chili is versatile, make a burrito. fry up a tortilla…top both with a dollop of sour cream. add some scallions and don’t forget salsa…even lettuce and tomato. and an avocado, don’t forget the avocado.

add lots of spice or don’t (we prefer a good spicy chili). can’t find wheat berries, don’t add them, just make sure to add the chorizo, that’s the star of the show and a good chorizo will give this chili an incredible amount of flavor.

happy monday! hope you all had an excellent mother’s day!

chorizo, black bean and wheat berry chili

just a little note: for the choizo, as you can see up above, i like to half a link, then half the half, so you have 4 pieces. i then cut the chorizo into little chunks. for the onion, garlic, olives, jelapeno…the same, chop up into small pieces.

for the wheat berries: i wash them before i use them. you want to make sure there are no pebbles or anything else included in your wheat berries. i put them in a mesh strainer and wash them off for about a minute while i go through them and then add them to whatever i am cooking.

  1. heat up a saute pan and add about 1 tbl of oil. add onion, garlic, chorizo and olives. cook on a medium heat for about 10 minutes being careful the onion and garlic don’t burn.
  2. while that is cooking, to a crock pot, add canned tomatoes, black beans, chipotle pepper in adobo, taco seasoning, and wheat berries. mix.
  3. when onion an chorizo mixture is done cooking add to crock pot. mix.
  4. cook on high for 3-4 hours or on low for 6-8.

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