there is this amazing company…i heart them…and they made me this bag!!

want a yenta bag? i have one (insert smile here). they are all the rage right now…

really, they are in high demand.

guess what, not only do i get to give away 2 of them…every one of you gets 15% your next purchase.

want to know who they are? ok…i’ll tell you…

stellar baby!

ever hear of them? i love them.

they make the cutest stuff ever. and you know what, they will even personalize things. you know what else is really cool, for a month they will be selling my bags. a month, a whole month for you to go buy a bag (or leave a comment here and try to win one).

can i just tell you why i love them. my friend just had a baby (hi baby!). he is the cutest little thing. really, he is. of course i had to spoil him (and her)…check this out (here) and here. little baby is going to have some style (seriously, his parents are awesome, there is no doubt)…now i know this has nothing to do with food, but honestly, i couldn’t resist. wait, the onsie had a cupcake on it…it’s about food.

what do you have to do?

leave a comment here, make sure i can reach you…that is it.

want to give stellar baby some love? check them out on fb (here) or twitter (here).

want 15% off your next order? use the promo code “thefoodyenta”. want a bag? click here!

good luck. 2 winners will be announced next friday june 14th!

this contest is open to US and Canada only. the winners will be picked randomly. 1 bag will be given away to 2 different people. all applicants get 15% off their next order at stellar baby by entering in the code “thefoodyenta”.

want a bag? click here.


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