i just realized that in less then two weeks my kids are going to be back in school, work will get busy again, and the farmers market will start winding down.

i’ve grown particularly close to some farmers this year. i count on them. we trade recipes, i get a first hand look at their new crops, and they entertain me when it rains (if you live in the hudson valley you know what i am talking about, every wednesday…and it’s not just rain, it torrential thunder storms, today however will be a great day!).

there is one farmer in particular, i talk about them all the time. gaia’s breath farm.

i feel good buying their product. not only is it “in season” it’s organic, it’s certified, it’s local, it’s out of this world.

i came across a newish product a couple weeks back. newish as in, we are not a real sausage family, so i don’t pay attention to anything sausage. but this, this i couldn’t pass up.

it’s pronounced a couple ways. if you live down south i have been told it’s pronounced “boudeen blanc” if your french (i’m sounding this out in my head) it is pronounced “boudah blanc” (think french accent while you are reading it).

boudin blanc is a sausage stuffed with pork, rice, spices, and sometimes milk. it’s fabulous. i’m not kidding. you can braise it, but i prefer the grill. serve it with sauteed onions, mashed potatoes, some greens and enjoy.

it’s an easy summer meal that will make your whole house happy (especially if you tell your kids it’s fancy hot dogs).

boudin blanc

what you will need for the onions: 2 large red onion sliced, 2 cloves of garlic, 2 tbl butter, 1 tbl canola oil. in a saute pan, melt butter and add oil. add onions and garlic and on a low flame, saute for 15-20 minutes until onions start to caramelize. they will become sweet and soft (i like to just eat them out of the pan, you will too).

for the boundin blanc: place on grill for about 5-7 minutes on each side. that’s it.

serve with mashed potatoes and greens. it’s the perfect summer meal.



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