it’s that time of year again. i started to prepare.

there was vegetarian chicken liver already made….it’s good. i’m afraid there wont be much left by the time company comes though.

and then there was the brisket…it sits in my crock pot for hours. many hours, and it’s my favorite.

and just in case you don’t crock pot, here is an extra roast…just because, because this too is awesome.

and if you don’t like brisket, there is always chicken…we make both.

and then there is the kasha. can’t forget the kasha. i make sure this is near my plate during dinner, i’m a picker and i’m not shy about.

the soup, i grew up with this soup. it’s something my kids have been growing up with too. i think this is the most exciting part of the meal for them (and me). actually i know it is, the orders have already started.

the couscous is new. it’s not something that was made when i was growing up (it wasn’t that long ago, really). it’s a nice change to the meal. it’s light, it’s simple and it takes minutes to make.

rice, because it’s something mom always made. always. this is my brothers favorite. he will be missing from the table this week but this will not.

one of my favorite holidays, actually, any holiday where food is involved is my favorite holiday.

happy new year, l’shana tova!


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