• spring roll skin (see picture to the left)
  • 8 cooked shrimp
  • yellow pepper
  • cilantro
  • pea pod shoots
  • scallions
  • sprouts

i am feeling nostalgic today…going back to the good ole days, about 4.5 years ago. my house was quiet and i could eat out every meal if i wanted to. one day, walking home from the subway i past a new vietnamese restaurant that just had opened up. of course it’s closed now, but they had the best spring rolls i have ever had. ever. lots of fresh veg with shrimp and a dipping sauce that was out of this world. you can usually find them using either mint or cilantro, some have meat some shrimp. when i was pregnant with j i used to stop in and order 2, one for the walk home and one for when i got home. they were so good.

i decided to re-create them:-) so good, and so healthy. i used fresh veg and some shrimp. for a dipping sauce i used the recipe i posted a while back for sweet chili sauce.

spring roll skin, or rice paper is not hard to find. if you have a whole foods near you you can find them in the aisle with all the international foods. I have also found them in your every day grocery. if you can’t find in your stores, don’t be afraid to ask your local (thai or vietnamese) restaurant. if they make it they have it. most restaurants are always more then helpful with either selling or telling you where to find.

vietnamese spring rolls

you can use anything for this recipe, make it to your taste. if you want to use rice noodles or mint instead of cilantro you should. the great thing about cooking for yourself if that you know your using healthy fresh ingredients and you can use whatever your heart desires.

  1. slice and cleaned all my veg, cooked my shrimp, and then delt with the rice paper.
  2. the rice paper is very easy to prepare but very fragile to put together, so use a clean cutting board and wet your hands. in a bowl, big enough to fit your rice paper, fill with warm water. dip your paper in the water till translucent and lay on your cutting board.
  3. lay out your veg, in some i started with pepper in the other scallions, and then shrimp. get creative. and then roll.

i had some of my sweet chili sauce in the fridge and used it as my dipping sauce. super great, very healthy and so very filling. one of my favorites.



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