it’s that time of year again. how can that happen?

seriously. i mean, i was just at the pool and school had just ended…

now my 1st is off to second grade and my 2nd is heading to her last year of pre-school.

gulp. and then i realized it was rosh hashanah. for reals.


i’ve been mentally preparing myself for late night cooking. kind of.

chicken soup can cook overnight.

brisket…well have you seen this recipe? (look here and then look down, mouth watering).


with our brisket, salmon for the non meat eaters…


turkey breast, is not just for thanksgiving anymore…


 and then i make all kind of sides…

want something traditional? how about kasha?


or this rice dish…my brother calls it moms rice-a-roni.


or this…just made…and heading to my table this week.


oh gosh there is so much…

well, you know, i can go on and on…but i’m not…there is a chicken carcass calling my name.

shanah tovah. have a happy and healthy new year!


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