i had a great morning :-) not only did it inspire me but brought back old memories. when i was asked the question (will explain in one second) how i became so interested in food and how when i walk around a store i become inspired by what i find, i realized it’s in my blood.

my grandfather used to own a food store. it was a pretty well known store back in the day, it was a family business. my grandfather owned it and ran it until he passed away and my dad ran it for years after. i remember walking around with my dad and being amazed at all the fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood and then coming home and using everything for dinner. it really fascinated me. just what was in a recipe and what and how much went into cooking it. i sat there while i was being asked all these questions and realized my love of food goes way back, and it didn’t even begin with me, it began 2 generations before me.

i’ve been shopping at fairway market for years, but today i met a rep who showed me around and talked food with me for a good amount of time. she introduced me to people in the cheese dept (which i got a lot of samples from), the guys in the meat dept who not only answered my questions but gave me great tips and sold me on a couple pieces of meat i wouldn’t normally buy and the seafood dept, oh my. i walked over and saw the cockles moving and was totally sold (see pict above). it was an amazing experience for me. i got to spend all morning in a food store i love and got to roam around and ask questions to people who have the same love i do. 

this fairway just opened in pelham manor recently, which is kind of close to my house but a good 20 minute drive on a good day. what really got me excited about my trip there was when i realized how they love the food industry, chefs, and yes, even little food bloggers like me. they were so interested in what i do and cook, i am pretty sure i scared the nice women who was taking me around a couple times, i tend to grab food off shelves and shove them in peoples faces :-) nothing hard like cans, you know, like fresh herbs :-) i guess i’m a trip in a grocery, i tend to zone out and get really super excited about little things…like salt. i go food shopping with my friend sue a lot, i am sure you have seen her comments, she always laughs at me because i always shove things in her cart and insist she tries this and that. i’m a food pusher:-) 

so maybe your wondering about now what really inspired me? EVERYTHING!!! all the fresh veg, artisanal cheeses, seafood, and meats gave me great ideas. as i walked recipes popped in my head. eggplant stacks with fresh mozzarella and basil, truffle risotto with asparagus spears and grilled shrimp, cockles with a spicy tomato broth over angel hair pasta, crab cakes over a seaweed salad, i can go on. have i made you hungry yet? how about baby back ribs with a sweet bbq sauce, maybe it is even inspired the chili seasoning i made the other night. i also picked up fresh organic strawberries and milk chocolate, can you say happy valentines day to me (that’s tomorrow night)! 

so here is what i am feeling like at the end of the day…i really needed that trip. i needed to talk to all those people, i needed inspiration because this snow and ice is maddening! 

oh, and check out these mushrooms, i wanted to grab one off the shelf and eat it right there. 


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