i started this blog back in 2010 under the name “the food yenta”. it was my outlet, a way to put myself out there, a way for me to share what i am most passionate about, food.

my journey to being gluten free began years before I became the food yenta…i just didn’t know it.

i was recently diagnosed with a gluten intolerance/possible celiac (don’t ask, or do, it’s just a long story). my mission has changed. i still want to create easy recipes, but i also want to create easy recipes my body can tolerate. i’m not talking big huge changes, my mission is to keep eating the way i eat, with a minor adjustment. recipes you can still make if you are not gluten free and recipes you can eat if you are.

it’s been 9 months since i gave up gluten. i’m still healing, but the fog has lifted. i feel clear, healthy. i’m a different person now. i feel good. i feel right. i have energy.

nothing will change here, i promise. you’ll notice all my old recipes, everything from when i started, i didn’t want to change that, let it go, cause it’s a part of me, my journey, my adventure. it’s my memories, good times and bad, full of gluten or not, it’s there, it’s my life and i still want to share it.

so…this is the new me, my recipe journal, my story. my new start.

love, meredith





a very special shout out to my web guru zak! go check him out at officethug! with out him none of this would be possible.


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