interested in the ingredients i am using?

although being gluten free is somewhat of a new lifestyle change here, i have gathered a ton of products that work for me. i will of course keep you updated and continually add products as i find them…

please remember, just because i like the taste and consistency, doesn’t mean you will. everyone has their own food quirks and has what works for them (some people love mangos, others can’t stand the texture). these products have been working well for our family. we use them daily.

have any products you love? let me know…


Bionaturae has won my heart. very similar to the pasta you ate before. my kids and guests can never tell the difference. the penne and spaghetti are great. i use the elbows for soup and for gf mac and cheese.

RP’s Pasta Company is my new favorite for lasagna noodles. i just picked them up at our local mrs. greens and was thrilled with the results.


although i am not a big fan of gf bread, i do use it on occasion. i have gone through a couple brands and have found that Udi’s has worked for us. although i prefer it toasted, it’s bread. you can’t go wrong. the white bread is great and the cinnamon raisin is pretty good smothered with cream cheese.


who doesn’t need a good breadcrumb? seriously, i was not happy with what i found until a friend led me to aleia’s products. i buy them in bulk, as in i throw 4 packages at a time in my cart because i can’t live with out them. not only do they sell italian style breadcrumbs but panko too.

gluten free flour: 

recently i have been using  this blend, i grab a scale and make it myself. it works. and if you click on the link it will tell you why.

for recipes i find (that are not gluten free) or recipes that i have used previously and want to make again i use cup 4 cup. i ordered a bag and never looked back. it works. you can find on amazon in bulk. worth it.

another one of my favorite flour fillers is almond meal/flour. i happen to adore Bob’s Red Mill. i add it to cookies and the latest, this bread, half cup4cup half almond flour. yum.


cooking/baking gluten free is not that difficult. if you know your ingredients and your products it is almost to easy. i have received a lot of cookbooks since my diet change and my favorite so far is the America’s Test Kitchen: the how can it be gluten free cookbook . the sandwich bread is wonderful and the peanut butter cookies, whoa. great investment with no crazy ingredients.



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