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i’m addicted to brownies…please help

In desserts, desserts & breads On May 1, 2012 2 Comments

over the past 2 weeks i have made brownies 3 times. 3 times…yeah 3x. i think i might finally love baking! whoa, who just said that? here is… Read More »

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the best peanut butter chip brownies ever

In desserts, desserts & breads On April 25, 2012 1 Comment

i’m not going to lie, mostly because i have told you all how much i suck at baking. really, suck isn’t even a good word to describe my… Read More »


hot chocolate on a stick

In desserts & breads, foodie gifts, holiday meals On December 20, 2011 2 Comments

a friend brought these up via email a week back…just when i was in migration hell. i was on recipe 175 and all i could think about was… Read More »