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turkey and ricotta meatballs

In entrees, gluten free, meat, pasta On February 11, 2014 1 Comment

meatballs. do i need to say more? of course i do, because let’s get serious, a good meatball is important. especially when they are full of cheesy goodness. hell yes,… Read More »


a moment of silence…and more comfort food

In entrees, meat, pasta On December 21, 2012 6 Comments

today we took a moment of silence. it’s been a week and i still find myself crying at the pictures, the parents faces…for the town. i find myself… Read More »


meatballs…everyones fav (well, mine)

In appetizers, entrees, meat On February 28, 2012 3 Comments

how do you make a meatball more interesting? i’m all for the meatball in sauce. really, i am. but sometimes you just want something different. something other them… Read More »


baked ziti soup

In soup, soups & salads On October 25, 2011 1 Comment

i have seen recipes all over the internets for this one (they however call is lasagna soup). not only does paula dean make it but so do her… Read More »