so i begin my story. an intro to me….

my name is meredith. i love food.

in my previous life (before i took on mom duty) i was a  photographer who dabbled in graphic design and print production. when we found out we were having our first child i went from being a full time working city girl to a full time suburban stay at home mom. i went from dining at fabulous restaurants to crying in the corner of our kitchen trying to figure out why the turkey wasn’t cooking.

now i am a full time mom to two fabulous high energy children who love to eat, run circles around me, and eat (did I mention eat?).

one of my many loves is taking complicated recipes and simplifying them (let’s face it, my job is mom and mom’s don’t have 5 hours to make dinner). the less ingredients the better, the easier the meal is to put together the better.

the kitchen is one of my favorite places now…whether it’s to flip through a magazine or sip a cup of tea, it’s my place, the place where i can create and have fun, get dirty and explore.

cooking is something i love, something that brings me joy and freedom. it’s something that i can do with my kids, it’s something that brings smiles to my families face. something i love. something i can’t help sharing.

you’ll notice a change recently. a big one. i was recently diagnosed as being gluten intolerant. which basically means i have not tested positive for celiac (at the moment) but i can not tolerate gluten. my mission has changed. i still want to create easy recipes, but i also want to create easy recipes my body can tolerate. i’m not talking big huge changes, my mission is to keep eating the way i eat, with a minor adjustment. recipes you can still make if your not gluten free and recipes you can eat if you are.

so welcome, i look forward to reading all your comments and updating you as i move along on my journey.

happy cooking,

 note: “the food yenta”, name, design, and photography are all trademarked and copyrighted. please ask permission to use anything from this blog including recipes and pictures. 





a very special shout out to my web guru zak! go check him out at officethug! with out him none of this would be possible.


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