i’m not feeling it today. it’s not the raging upper respiratory infection i have either, it’s sandy…

i kind of just wanted to stop by and say hello. make sure you are all safe and here. i may not talk to you all, but i know you are out there.

i hope your ok. i hope you made it through the storm. i hope you and your families are well.

my heart goes out to all of you in NJ and in every other part of the east coast that got turned upside down.

my hearts just not into it today…to much heartbreak, loss. it’s unreal.

we were lucky. we still have power…we have hot water and our internet is finally somewhat reliable again (even though i’m still not getting some email).

the one thing that keeps us all going. the kids. goofballs (remembering the picture above still makes me smile). by the way, the head gear is what really kept us all sane.

be safe everyone…you are all in my thoughts.


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