i’m finally home. i made a pot of coffee and sat down to reflect.

the pot of coffee made me feel guilty. my house made me feel guilty, seeing and reflecting made me feel guilty. so i decided to write.

i saw somewhere that someone referred to the aftermath of sandy to the movie wallie. i’m not sure what to say, they were right.

these last couple days have been a blur. the guilt, the stress, the questions…i see it on fb every minute of the day. i see all your pictures, i see the pleas for help. it’s overwhelming. it’s heartbreaking.

not sure how many words i have left. after today i kinda just want to take my kids and hug them. walk my dogs and kiss them, sit with my husband and love him.

the words are no more. just take a look at what’s been going on during the last couple days.

i put a call out on FB. local kids needed food. we still have a crazy amount of people with out power. in an hour all of this showed up.

with in 2 hours i packed more then 150 lunches

the town had donated so much. before we knew it we were packing up our cars full of diapers, clothing, baby food, formula, batteries, hand warmers….the list goes on.

and then we started to make more food. before we knew it we had about 10-15 trays going out and being packed up in hot boxes.

my car this morning as we just tried to get out as early as we could but late enough not to hit traffic. we are expecting another storm tonight.

1 donation site from today. one fb status and we knew where to go.

donation site #2. surprised them. they had just opened there doors after getting power back last night. they had 10-15 families sleeping in the chapel because the shelter was packed.

we came across this woman as we were given a tour. she was organizing shoes. ballet slippers…

when we had nothing left we went across the street and ordered pizza for everyone at the church. this is what you see, this isn’t even the worst of it. i was driving and this was shot through my window. i was trying to dodge flying objects and glass on the street because the wind picked up and it was raining.

we pulled down one block and saw this and realized where we were. this is the boardwalk. sand up and down the street. we jumped out of our cars to grab a couple of shots.

my friend ellen…

nikki…checking out bits and pieces of the boardwalk scattered all over the beach.

i’m tired. overwhelmed by the support of my town and proud of my friends and fellow villagers who helped pull this off.

i am still collecting donations (no money please, send that to the red cross).

if you have anything please drop it off to Good-Life Gourmet, 108 Main st. Irvington.

what they need:

  • medical masks to clean their homes
  • diapers
  • formula
  • baby food
  • any type of cleaning solutions
  • large garbage bags
  • work gloves
  • batteries
  • flashlights
  • children’s cough syrup
  • band-aids
  • neosporin
  • ace bandages
  • advil & tylenol
  • water
  •  juice
  •  granola bars
  • powdered milk
  • baby bottles
  • baby wipes

stay warm tonight. there is another storm rolling in. thank you for all your support.



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