• 2 cup of unseasoned rice wine vinegar
  • seeds from 1 pomegranate

pomegranates are one of my favorite fall foods. i love adding them to salads but my all time favorite…making flavored vinegars.

pomegranates are in season now. whenever i find them they are usually the first thing i attack after unpacking all of my groceries. i love the smell of them, i love opening them up and digging for the seeds. although messy, lots of fun.

if you have never opened up a a pomegranate you need too. they are not only beautiful on the inside but the sweet smell of the pomegranate juice…yum. the blood red seeds are sweet yet tart, i almost can never open one up with out popping a couple seeds in my mouth, it’s like heaven.

making flavored vinegar is very simple. all it takes is some unseasoned rice vinegar (which now a days you can find everywhere) and a pomegranate. the best thing about making this vinegar, nothing goes to waste. i use the seeds in salads and sometimes even to dress up soup. it stores in the fridge for a couple weeks and is the prefect addition to a spinach salad topped with bacon and eggs (guess what i am having for lunch today).

simple pomegranate vinegar
  1. in a small saucepan heat up the vinegar. you do not want it to come to a boil, just warm.
  2. to a jar (i tend to save every jar that comes through my house for stuff like this) add your pomegranate seeds.
  3. when vinegar is warmed up, pour over seeds and let it rest on your counter until cooled.

top and store in your fridge at least over night before use.

i do not strain the seeds out but you can. when ever i am making salads i scoop some seeds out of the container and add them to whatever i am serving.

this will store in your fridge for a couple weeks (but it wont last that long).

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