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if you’re reading this you are a lot like me, you cook from the web.

there are stolen moments during the day where i whip out the ipad and search for that perfect meal. it’s out there…you know it is.

it’s what your craving for dinner, for a snack, for a midnight snack (we are all guilty of that come on). you jump on your computer, your phone, you search, you look and then bam! you find it.

a couple weeks back i was introduced to the perfect app. seriously. it’s to perfect.

search, read, grocery lists…everything you need including the tin foil.

it’s no joke. i swear.

i quickly gathered my thoughts and cooked a meal.

easy to use, ipad to mobile, mobile to computer. seriously.

find your recipe in the bathroom, make a grocery list, and at the store take out your iphone and go.

what can be easier? what could be better (other then me, although, i don’t hand you shopping lists).

plan a meal, search for the perfect recipe, plan a party, tells you all you need to know. how much time from start to finish. what pairs well with what, pasta with bruschetta, side of greens, what to pair with the steak or chicken you just made.

for a person like me who can do the main but has problems selecting the sides this is the perfect app.

and then there are those kids…what do you do for a playdate when 10 kids are coming to your house and you want to do something different then pulling out that box of mac and cheese.

it’s easy and simple. it’s a must have app (and i am not an app person).

so guess what. i have an app to give away. one for your phone and one for your ipad. look at that!

what do you need to do? really, go take a look. pick a recipe and tell me what your favorite one is. come back here and tell me.

want a 2nd and 3rd chance? go follow them on Fb and leave a comment. go follow them on twitter and leave another one. that’s like 3 chances to win.

(if you can find them on pinterest that’s 4!)

you have by friday the 26th.

make sure to leave me a way to contact you (i need an email address).

so let’s go over this one more time:

take a look (click here). pick a recipe and tell me which one peaked your interest. come back here and tell me.

for a 2nd and 3rd chance to win a mobile and ipad app: go follow them on Fb and twitter (leave separate comments).

Good Luck! I love this app and I know you will too.

just a note. i was not paid or given anything for this post. this post was written by me, and everything written is how i feel. i don’t push or give away anything i don’t love or respect. i’m also not a app pusher ;-)

Karen Spach


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