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did i get your attention?

let me give you some background information before i go on. 5 years ago my son was born and i had no idea what i was doing. i was a first time mom and my plan was just to do everything right. did you laugh? i can laugh looking back now but i was a mess. really, i was.

we spent the first year of my sons life in and out of hospitals and doctor offices. j was born with a-typical clubfoot. cooking for myself or my husband wasn’t my top priority. i spent days and months holding and comforting j on the days his casts were removed and replaced. there were days i could not put him down. there were days where i did everything with him in a sling. there were days that i was just to exhausted to even look at food. and then j was ready for solids…

i met debbie koenig on a park bench. we briefly struck up a conversation because our sons were the same age.  when i mean briefly i mean i was one of those moms in the park who was always chasing their kids. i never sat down. we met a couple times after that around the neighborhood were we had brief conversations about this and that. fast forward 6 months, we met again at a picnic. this meeting changed my life and the way i looked at food and feeding my family.

i always made my own baby food. it was something that made me feel good. knowing i knew exactly what j was eating made me happy. j was always a good eater, he ate anything. i mean anything you put it in front of him, he would eat it. at about a year old though things started to change. he wanted to eat on the run. i’m not joking, he ran all day long. i happen to look over and notice debbie feeding her son a grilled cheese sandwich. grilled cheese, really, he like had 2 teeth? we ended up having this whole conversation about what kids can eat at this age and then she procedded to hand j a piece of grilled cheese with spinach in it. i have never seen the kid look happier. he took off with his grilled cheese and a huge smile.

from that moment on things changed. he started eating what we were eating and i never looked back. it seems obvious right? but it wasn’t to me. being a first time mom i was nervous to give him what we were eating. would he eat curry? would he like pad thai? the possibilites now were endless. i could take the kid anywhere and not have to worry about bringing food.

debbie and i lost touch after i moved to the burbs though. a couple weeks back however i was doing the fb thing and i happened to see her name pop up on a friends post. i looked at her name and thought, how do i know her? and then it hit me…that’s debbie, harry’s mom! i was so happy to see a friend from the old neighborhood. i dropped her an email and the rest is history.

why am i telling you all this? it’s the background story to this!

if you have noticed my fb page or any tweets lately you’ve noticed debbie. debbie has a great food blog (in case you haven’t seen it parents need to eat too). so why am i telling you all this? because debbie’s new book is coming out this month!

I got a copy of “parents need to eat too” the other day and i just couldn’t put it down. i went through the whole book, bookmarked a lot of recipes and drooled a lot. i couldn’t wait to not only start cooking but then i got word i get to share a copy with you too! seriously, i do. one of you lucky readers get a free book!

so why i am i so excited about this book? debbie knows food. while i was reading her book i giggled a lot. it really took me back and realized how well e and i could of been eating. this is a book that should of been published years ago. if someone gave me this book as a gift, i would of kissed them (really, i would of). in all honestly and to be serious, i am so excited to share this with you. it’s amazing. it not only is a recipe book, but a kitchen and eating guide for new and experienced moms and dads.

so what do you have to do? just leave a comment. it’s that simple.

want extra chances to enter? just go to debbie’s fb page (here) hit like and let me know in another comment, if you are already a fan, just let me know.

want a 3rd shot to enter? are you on twitter? go check out debbie there @debbieharry, follow her and come back to let me know in another comment.

this is a great chance to pick up a very special book. so go ahead, leave a comment.

this giveaway will end sunday february 12. the winner will be announced monday morning. good luck! oh and by the way, if you pre-order her book before the 21st you get a free starter kit.


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