• 1 14oz can of chickpeas
  • 2 avocados
  • 3 tbl olive oil
  • 2 tbl tahini
  • salt to taste

my husband is counting down the days till the big game. me, i’m not really a football fan. i’ll watch it but i’m more in it for the food.

i have fond memories as a kid of the super bowl. i remember all of us getting into the car for the road trip to my cousins house. every year my brother, sister and i squished into the back of my parents small car to drive 2 hours to eat, run and play.

we had the best time. we (the kids) never “watched” per se but i do remember all crowding around the coffee table fighting for the last wing or the last scoop of guac. to this day wings and guacamole still remind me of the super bowl at my cousins house.

it was always fun, a memory i want for my kids. they might not watch the super bowl but they will remember running around with their friends or like me, fighting for the last wing.

this year we are keeping it small. we have a friend coming over with 2 kids who are the same ages as mine. i can almost guarantee that my son will be fighting with my husband because he wants to show his friend the wii and my daughter and her friend will be hiding in the corner playing check up (her new favorite game since she has found a dr kit in the back of j’s closet). me however, i plan to be near the food.

the menu this year is small. wings, pulled pork sliders, taco scoops for the kids and of course, something with avocados.

if you are an avocado fan this will be a huge hit. not only will the adults love it but the kids will too. serve it with chips, serve it with cut up pita’s or my favorite, fried tortillas.

avocado hummus

  1. in a food processor or blender pulse all of the ingredients till blended.

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