• mixed greens
  • handful of strawberries
  • handful of basil chopped
  • fresh mozzarella sliced
  • chocolate balsamic vinegar

i can hardly believe the holidays are almost here…when did this all happen?

i’ve been so crazed the last couple of weeks i have yet to prepare…or buy gifts for anyone other then my children and husband.

and then i spoke to gwenn. and then gwenn introduced me to this.



you see, you have to know me and my obsession with food. not just food, i am fascinated by olive oil and vinegar. i am the person who will go out of my way to buy that one special thing…that one special bottle. that one flavor that keeps me coming back for more. i am the person who will trek out to florida for my favorite balsamic every year…and use it sparingly because i know i have to wait a year to get it again…

well, now i don’t have to wait for my florida trip, and i don’t need to trek down to chelsea piers to get my favorite olive oil, i can hop in my car and drive one town over. better yet, if i get really lazy and don’t want to leave my house, i can order it online.

pure mountain olive oil. oh boy do these guys know what they are doing.

i’ve been using their product for a couple weeks now. i almost died when i tasted the blackberry dark balsamic. and when i opened that bottle of champagne vinegar…speechless. the smells, the flavor. OMG (i never say omg so i really mean it).

i made dressings. i drizzled it over grilled cheese. i literally drank it out of the bottle.

this stuff is for real. and i haven’t been paid to say that. i swear.

when i talked to gwenn about how much i loved this stuff, she did something spatacular, she offered to give you, you sitting right there (i’m pointing my finger at you), 10% off any purchase. seriously.

going somewhere for the holidays? need to bring a gift to a foodie? just want something special for yourself? Go in, use the code i am about to give you, and buy yourself a treat.

(i was just there and splurged on something special, wait till you see what i did).

so for you,  10% off any purchase….just enter the code “swankyolive” to receive your discount. then come back and check out some recipes i have been working on…

here is one to get your taste buds going…it’s easy, it’s simple, and omg delish!.

so what are you waiting for? go, go buy some good stuff now….and then when you get it….come back here and tell me what you got (big smiles).

happy shopping (and eating)!

chocolate balsamic salad with strawberries and mozzarella

this is ridiculously easy.

  1. place greens on a plate.
  2. slice mozzarella and place on top of greens
  3. in a bowl, mix strawberries, basil and a big splash of chocolate balsamic.
  4. with your hands, cause you need to get dirty…and then lick your fingers, place strawberry mixture over cheese and greens.

this is one of those salads you just dive in to. really, dive, and very fast. excellent pallet cleanser and ridiculously good.

stay tuned…i just picked up some ribs and this chocolate balsamic is just asking for it.

• • •

you can find pure mountain olive oil here: 11 north broadway • tarrytown, ny


or find them on the web here: pure mountain olive oil

the code “swankyolive” can be used online and in the store



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