• 1 32oz container of vanilla no-fat greek yogurt
  • 3 mangos
  • 2 tbl of honey

this week the kids are home.

the weather, beautiful. it’s not 70 degrees but we have been outside a lot. a lot. like the whole day. everyday.

this only means the requests for ice pops are already rolling in.

not that i don’t like to buy them but making them can be fun. really, it can. if your kids like to cook or have patience that is (the most important part of making ice pops. unless you have one of those fancy ice pop machines that freezes everything super fast).

making ice pops is especially fun when you hit a sale on your favorite mango’s.

very simple to make. all you need is a blender (um, and yeah,  a knife and cutting board. and maybe some ice pop molds).

not only have they stopped asking me to buy ice pops but they have asked me to make more with different fruits. next time i think we are going to try raspberries.

mango vanilla fro-yo pops

a note: chobani makes a good greek yogurt. the reason why i use greek is because it’s thicker and easier to work with when making ice pops (they also freeze faster)

blend, freeze and enjoy.

looking for some more ice pop/cream ideas, look no further: peach-lavender ice pops, watermelon mango ice pops, sweet tea sorbet, coffee ice milk.


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