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beet salad with crumbled goat cheese

In lunch ideas, salad, vegetarian On September 1, 2011 1 Comment

i love beets. i really really do (see here, here and here). whenever i see them on a menu, no matter what they are in, i order them…. Read More »


the wedge salad

In appetizers, dips, condiments, marinades & dressings, dressing, lunch ideas, salad On August 31, 2011 1 Comment

whenever i think of a wedge salad i think of a modern family episode i saw a while back. it still makes me chuckle. to be honest with… Read More »

noodle salad

steak and noodle salad

In meat, pasta, salad, soups & salads On August 10, 2011 1 Comment

a week or so back i came across this awesome looking dish by jamie oliver for an asian noodle salad. i was so excited, it kind of reminded… Read More »


sometimes i burn things…so i make curried chicken salad

In appetizers, lunch ideas, salad, snacks, soups & salads On August 3, 2011 3 Comments

sometimes i burn things…sometimes it’s pretty bad. sometimes the meal survives. i really was excited about this chicken too. i happen to come across this cooking show the… Read More »


meatless monday: carrot miso dressing

In dressing, salad, soups & salads, vegetarian On August 1, 2011 0 Comments

we eat a ton of salad, which i am sure i have mentioned a million times. it could be a dinner or a side. to me a salad… Read More »


meatless monday: portobello & tomato bruschetta

In appetizers, lunch ideas, salad, soups & salads, vegetarian, vegetarian On July 18, 2011 0 Comments

ever hear of meatless monday? i have heard of it before but never really paid attention until the other day. i was out to dinner saturday night and… Read More »


potato salad

In salad, soups & salads, vegetarian On July 7, 2011 2 Comments

my family was big on bbq’s growing up, it’s something that e and i try to do often with our kids. during the week we all eat dinner… Read More »


corn, bean & avocado salad

In salad, sides, soups & salads, veg, vegetarian On July 6, 2011 1 Comment

fresh off the cob corn brings me back. way back. memories of my childhood flash before my eyes. did you know farms existed on long island? i am… Read More »


a quick and easy pasta salad

In lunch ideas, pasta, salad, sides, soups & salads, veg, vegetarian On July 5, 2011 0 Comments

i crave carbs, one of my favorite meals during the summer is pasta salad. not only do i get the carbs i crave but the protein from the… Read More »


i poached my first egg

In breakfast, entrees, lunch ideas, salad, soups & salads On May 6, 2011 1 Comment

i poached my first egg. it was kind of fun but frightening at the same time. i’m not totally sure what lead me to poach an egg but… Read More »