i write this at work with blaring rap music in the background.

blaring as in i might be to old…nah…of course this is also when i realized i haven’t posted all week.

life gets chaotic. i also just remembered i have 15 other people coming to my house this weekend. 15 other people. i also got a list from the man, the man as in my husband. a list as in what i need to make all these people.

did i mention all these people? did i mention life is chaotic? did i also mention i have company this weekend (other then the 15 people i have coming over)? i have teenagers.

so what do you make last minute? what do you make when your not prepared? um….ok….

fried pickles


truffle roasted chickpeas cause they are awesome with beer


pulled pork

or you can make little wedge salads

shoot. now i’m hungry and realizing how totally unprepared i am. i mean, really. i’m hitting up fresh direct right now.

stay safe. drink a lot. watch football.

or seriously, if you’re like me, eat a lot.

happy weekend! catch you next week where i hope not to forget valentines day.


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